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  October Party Scene 2016  

Dead Mans Party

Well when it comes to Halloween celebrations and parties you never know what to except just like with all the costumes. There were so many Halloween parties going on in one night that I was pressed to decide which one should we attend. Of course like always I had to go were my close friends were going to be attending. Yep you guess it. We made the right choice by going to the Dead Mans Party Hosted by Marty Gomez and Cesar Ventura. Yep Marty and Cesar along with their crew did a wonderful job with everything. Yes I did say everything I can not and will not sit here trying to give all the credit they deserve on all there hard work because if you were there you know what a great job they did of putting it all together. Now to the party side of it all we you know we had a blast we could not help but have a blast all night long. Well OK I went way be on the event until I don’t even remember what time it was that I got home but yep. I am going to have to put this one in the book. Yep I can say to much fun way more then I expected. Check the pictures out and I will post the video shortly. Peace out and see you on the Flip side.

Charlie the party animal.

  September Party Scene 2016  

BTD's Disco Heat @ Palm Springs

Well Palms springs has always been a fun destination, no matter what you are doing over there or with who you are going there with. But when Back to Disco plans one of their events there, it is a must do at least for me and my close party peeps. Specially if one of your friends is planning on getting married there at the event. Congratulations to Danny & Liz Reyes, it was memorial to just show up to witness your wedding let alone video the ceremony. The video is coming up shortly. Of course you know we had a blast at BTD’s Disco Heat event we only go to the best events and BTD knows how to party. We made new friends and partied with old friends too and we did just what we do all the time but this time we did it at the Springs. Peace out and see you on the flip side Charlie the Party Animal.


Margie's Birthday Party @ 3 Vino's

YEAH  Yeah we had a blast celebrating Margie’s & Robert’s Birthday. Well at least what I can remember but from the pictures yes I can tell that we did have a blast all the way till early the next morning. 3 Vinos, Joe Cassillas and me I think we did a very good job of making Margie’s birthday celebration the bomb. OK ok I didn’t do nothing special to make it a great party besides just showing up and being my crazy self. But Part two of Margie’s Birthday Celebration was the bomb if you didn’t make it and you were invited you missed out on a good time. You should have being there. 3 Vinos always a good spot to party on a Friday Night. Next Stop Back to Disco’s Desert Heat Party and part 3 of Margie’s Birthday celebration. See you all there if you make it. But if you don’t make it your going to miss out again. So make plan and party with us. Peace out and see you on the flip side Charlie the Party Animal

  April Party Scene 2016  

A Night of Old Hollywood Glamour

When it comes to parties and events in the LA area there has always been somewhat of a standard dress code. Casual but dressy has always been the unspoken standard that everyone pretty much kinda follows. But as of this past Saturday April 30th, the dress code and theme standard to follow has just been raised more then just a few notches higher. Well to be truly honest, the bar just went way higher then it has ever been. After Marty’s birthday party, A Night of Old Hollywood Glamour it is going to be hard to beat or follow the quality and glamour to this party. Talk about old Hollywood Glamour. I am pretty sure any of the old Hollywood celebrities would have felt right at home at A Night of Old Hollywood Glamour. Almost all the women and men that joined Marty and Laura in celebration were dressed to a T as any Hollywood Celebrate would have. The venue, the Dj’s, the music the people in attendance and of course the Sonora Dinamita band were totally be on what we are used to as far as birthday celebrations. There is so much I could talk about of this party but I think you would rather see then hear, so with that. I will close this and say we shot over 500 pictures that night and it is a much better way of letting those that were not able to join us enjoy the glamour that was brought back this past April 30th. Peace out and see you all on the flip side. Charlie the Party Animal.


Kennedy Hall The Return

The Return to Kennedy Hall lived up to all that I expected and then some. With Jessica Williams and the other performers it was almost a no brainer. Of course nothing is ever a no brainer and from the DJ’s to the promoters they all did a great job of bringing us another great event in Return to Kennedy Hall. Of course the master minds behind this great event was none other then Mike Elite, Jada Vegas and Sergio Navarro and Alex Undercover. I have to personally thank Sergio Navarro, Art Flores, David DJ Chill, Cesar Dinero, DJ Bugssy, Al Esparza, Jada Vegas, Mike Elite Mercado and everyone that took care me on Saturday. Well once again I have to say if you did not show up you missed a great party. OK OK I know it sold out, so next time buy your tickets sooner because you really missed out. I had such a good time that once again I took some pictures and video but was just to busy having a great time that oh well I didn’t take that many pictures. Of course that is why you should have been there to enjoy the party. But anyway here are the pictures of Return to Kennedy Hall. So enjoy and see you on the flip side. Peace out Charlie the Party Animal.

  February Party Scene 2016  
Sonia's Birthday Party @ Club Metro  
  January Party Scene 2016  

Joya & Cesar's Birthday Party @ Club 108

One more party to put in to the history books. Joya & Cesar sure know how to throw a Party. Well for me the party has not stopped since New Years Eve. Like they say start the year off the way you want the rest of your year to be. Well New Years Eve went straight for 36 hours none stop and I do mean none stop. Well this past Saturday has kept going and going and going and it seems that the way I started my 2016 year will be what the rest of the year will be like. Thanks for the good music and great place to Celebrate both your Birthdays Joya & Cesar. I had a wonderful time at your Birthday Party. Then of course I always have a good time every weekend becasue that is what I do. I party and party and then I party some more. See you on the flipside Charlie the Party Animal Peace out.

  October Party Scene  

Dancing Dead Halloween 2015

The Dancing Dead Party was nothing like I had planned but then again nothing in my party life ever goes as planned and that is what is so exciting about what I do and why I am who I am. Charlie the party animal was out in full force and we partied till the last after party when the security finally kicked us out. Yeah buddy three after parties. No I am not going to tell you how the after parties were you either where there or not. But I am going to tell you that I am back yeah buddy Charlie the Party Animal is back and in full force. If you are a personal friend then you know the details of my come back, if your not. Well you should become one of my close circle of friends then you could join us at the after parties and you would know why I celebrated like it was 1999 at The Dancing Dead Party. Well it was good seeing a couple of people that I had not seen in a few months. For those of you that are Facebook friends if I don’t tag you tag yourself I am to tired to tag everyone if Facebook doesn’t tag you automatically your going to need to tag yourself. Hope to see all of you at the next ack to Disco event that I am going to be at. If you forgot then here is a reminder Dec. 5th Farewell to Circus Disco. Be there and be part of the celebration and YEAH if your lucky you can join us for the after part which I am planning to keep going till the sun comes out. Peace out and see you on the Flip side Charlie the Party Animal.


Parker Mansion Mayhem 2015

Once a year I look forward to hanging with the Dead, Undead, Creeps, Spirits and Clowns, Ghosts, Goblin and everything scary you can think of. Halloween can be fun because you can do or be whatever you want and it is perfectly normal to walk around in whatever your custom calls for. One of my all time favorite events is the Parker’s Halloween Parties. Last year it was the Monster Mash. This year it was Mansion Mayhem 2015 and Mayhem there was. The living Dead was dying to see me. The house was dressed for the season right along with everyone else. The feeling of dread was in everyones heart wondering if this party would live up to lasts years debauchery. By 9:30 we had the answer to that dreaded question. Our Hostess Yvonne Queen of the Vampires planned it out perfectly. 9:30 came and went by very quickly and just as quickly The Parker Palace filled to capacity standing room only and it was just 10:PM. Like all stories it is in the details and those details your not getting from me. If you were not there you will never really know what happened that night but you will know that we PARTIED TILL 4:30 in the morning and we only stop because the Dj Adrian Prism just could not mix anymore and neither one of us could dance or even stand from so much fun. The rest well, we have a saying. What happens at The Parker Palace stays at The Parker Palace. Peace out and I will see you all that make it to BTD’s Halloween Party The Dancing Dead next Saturday at The Pacific Palms Resort. Did someone say after PARTY!!!! See you on the flip side Charlie the Party Animal.

  July Party Scene  

Maggie & Irene's Birthday at BTD LUAU Tiki Party

Maggie Sanchez and Irene Quesada celebrate thier Birthday at Back to Disco Luaua Tiki Party at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach on July 11th. Well it has been a few centuries since I last put a Hawaiian shirt on but the Hawaiian shirt that Herman and Jessica gave me went perfect for the BTD LUAU. I really liked it as I had a blast at the LUAU. It was none stop dancing and party party and more party. By the way that fruit cake that Maggie got for here Birthday was the bomb. I will need to know where you got that at Maggie. Once again Back to Disco out does it self. I really love the change of venue and music. You just need to get that air working if you do another event there. Thank you Maggie and Irene for having a seat reserved for me, you both rocked. Of course all the Dj's did a great job as always. See you all at the next BTD event. See you on the flip side, Charlie the SoCal Party Animal.


  June Party Scene  

LA Party Radio 1 Year Anniversary

LA Party Radio was celebrating their 1 year Anniversary on June 13th at Iguanas Bar & grill. But they were not the only ones celebrating on Saturday DJ Ernie Cool, Elsa Rico, Sarah Vera, Annabell Quintana, Marty Frias, Danny Poison, DJ Medina and last but not least Mr. Fred (Magoo) Tapia were all celebrating their Birthdays. With all these party Peeps celebrating their Birthdays and having Recording artist like Jessica Williams and Ramoncito Santiago it was a packed house before they even officially open the doors at 8:PM. Well like always if you weren’t there you missed it. But check out just some of the pictures we were able to taken. Yup you know it we were having to much of a good time to take all the pictures that we should have taken. But enjoy the ones we did take and we will see you on the flip side. Peace out Charlie the Part Scene Animal.

May Party Scene  


Back to Disco's 12 Year Anniversary at Circus Disco

The legendary Circus Disco night club was host to Back to Disco 12 Year Anniversary May 16th. A night to remember as all BTD events are, add a bit of found memories and you had one more night to remember the Disco era, music and of course the people. The house was packed, even those that had other commitments stop by for a few hours not wanting to miss the celebration of 12 years and counting of Back to Disco. For me it was a night that I will never forget such bitter sweet memories were once again relived but like always Circus Disco and the BTD events gave me one more memory that I will never forget. Here is just a very small sampling of the nights celebration captured on video. Happy 12th Anniversary Back to Disco!

  April Party Scene

Freestyle Festival & Concert

The 10 Annual FREESTYLE FESTIVAL presented by Bobby Dee Productions, All Stars Concerts along with Burt Flores, Robert Torres, Dashing Entertainment, ShowTime Music Workz, Sonia Coronel, Caesar Denero, Danny Poison, and Humble Media. Was a huge success be on what we expected. Not that it surprised me at all with all the talent that was performing both days. It was almost expected to have been a sold out both days, and the Saturday’s After Party. The performers were. Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Lisa Lisa, Tone-Loc, Trinere, Debbie Deb, Young Mc, Shannon, Cover Girls, C&C Music Factory, Stacy Q., Cynthia, Nocera, Dino, Lil Suzy, Freestyle Evolution. Well do I need to say more? With a line up of talent like this the Freestyle Festival could only be a huge success. We had a blast both days and I just can’t wait for the next Freestyle Festival. If you didn’t make it this time well I hope you make it next time. See you on the Flip side Charlie the Party Scene Party Animal. Stay tune we got hours of video coverage coming up.

Tierra @ Marty Gomez B-Day

Well Party Peeps, do we know how to party or do we know how to party? There was no question in my mind that Marty Gomez's Birthday party was going to be anything but a huge success. SoCal Party Scene's Eddie and Charlie the party animals partied, like only we know how to party, none stop till 5:AM in the morning. But those pictures are private and only if you joined us for the after party do you get to see them. Meanwhile here are the pictures to Tierra at Marty Gomez's Birthday Party enjoy. Other Birthday celebratens for last night were, Laura Silva, Robert Stoner, Diamond Girl Melissa. Happy Birthday to all. And a special shout out to Robert Torres for putting on this event together. Peace out and see you on the flip side.

Circus Disco the Final Chapter

Circus the final chapter was a bitter sweet event. A huge success of an event at one of the greatest Disco’s in the west coast. A legend all on it’s own. Circus Disco was and still is the greatest night club in the Hollywood area. We had a great time dancing and enjoying the place I use to call my Sunday night home. With all the memories and friends that joined us for this last event. It is almost hard for me to even try and put down in words what I want to say as with every word i write it brings back sweet but long gone memories. To the once best Disco in the SoCal area here we give you a couple of video’s for your enjoyment pleasure. With love and respect to Gene, Ed, Lorenzo and everyone that made this event possible. Thanks for the memories as they will live in my heart till the day I die. Charlie the SoCal Party Scene animal. See you on the flip side.

March Party Scene

Disco Reunion

Well we know that every weekend there are Parties, Clubs and other events happening on Saturday Night. Well this past Saturday night LA Party Radio took over Steven's Steak House for the Celebration of DJ Oscar and Diana Chairez. We like always had to go where it is happening so there we were and here are some of the pictures that we took that night. Yes we also shot some video which will be release pretty some so for now just enjoy the pictures. You all know what I always say if you where not there you missed a good time.

Feburary Party Scene

Birthday Extravaganza @ Seta's

If you didn't know, now you know. The Birthday Extravaganza at Seta's was a HUGE SUCCES. You missed a good time if you where not there. If you where there check it out the pictures


Super Bowl XLIX @ Bar 58
January 2015 Party Scene

Iliana's B-Day Party @ Bar 58

LA Party Radio Premier Event

Well there was no question on my mind of how this event was going to turn out. With the LA Party Radio DJ’s, their street team and the promoters that were involved in putting this event together. The only thing that crossed my mind was were you going to make it. Yup yup yup there were a few that missed this Premier Event that LA Party Radio put together.
Ok, ok so me and Alex Chante always know were and who is making the party scene happen and we are always invited so you know if we where there. It was of the hook. For those that showed you know. For those that missed it, you got it twisted. Big props to all those that had a part in putting this event together. And also HAPPY BIRDTHAY MARIA HERMOSILLO, BOBBY MONTOYA, CAMILLE RODRIGUEZ, OSCAR TORREZ, GREEN EYES JOE. See you on the Flip Side Charlie the SoCal Party Animal.

December Party Scene

Rock of the 80's at the Picnik

Rock of the 80’s at the Picnik in Old Town Pasadena was the place to have been this past Saturday night. Billed as Trinere’s Birthday Party it was everything but just a birthday party. The place was packed by 8:PM with all the local people that eat at Picnik. From the time the doors open till closing it was a none stop party for everyone. If you were there you know we had one hell of a party dancing to the music and enjoying the performance by Debbie Deb and Trinere. Big props to the promoters for putting this event together.

Brandi's Reunion 3 Winter Ball
November Party Scene

Celebrating Nite Time Louie

It was supposed to be a night to remember and celebrate the life of Nite)Time Louie Garcia which most of us knew that he was a big part of the Party Scene here in the LA area. Then they added Nanette Denise Bañuelos, Anita DeLeon, DjPinky Sammy Millan Bumsquaddjz & Cindy Bernal Birthday Celebrations and from that moment on it was a celebration to remember. We celebrated and remembered the good old times and then made some new memories to remember the night of Nov. 8th and for obvious reasons we will some day remember Nov. 8th 2014 as another good old memory. If you were there I personally thank you for being part of a fabulous night. If you were not there don’t for get to make some memories of your own. Because we only get one change to live life. So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and I hope to see you at the next party at the Red O. See you on the flip side. Charlie the Party Scene Party Animal. Peace Out.

Octuber Party Scene

Halloween Monster Mash

Yeah right! When we got the personal invited and phone call from Yvonne Parker we were told that she was going to have a private and personal Halloween Monster Mash Party for the weekend before Halloween. Well what she forget to tell us was that private and personal to her was like about 300 or more people. Yeah Buddy talk about small the Monster Mash Party at the Parker Place was everything but small private and personal that it was, If Yvonne didn’t invite you, you didn’t get in. And talk about all night long well the party lasted till the sun came up the next day. Chante and Charlie had and Adventure alright. Check out the pictures if you

Cecy's Birthday Party @ Red O

The return of the Red Onion was a huge succes. The male review went over with a big bang. And now it looks like The Red O is the new hot spot in the LA area. We knew that Cecy's Birthday party was going to be banging but what was to have been just a small celebrating for Cecy turned out to be another wild repeat of the week before. Just wait until you get a look at the pictures. Of course what you are seeing is what I was able to shoot in-between having a wild time my self. Oh yeah there are a couple of people I took more pictures of but most of you will agree. That I would have had to be blind not to notice and not to have taken so many pictures of those two blonds. YUP they were, no they are hot. Enjoy and see you on the flip side. Charlie the SoCal Party Scene animal.
P.S. If you think it was wild and hot these last few weeks wait until or Dia de Los Muertos Party

Ladies Night Out at The Red Onion

Well the promoters billed the event as a Ladies Night Out with a two hour all male review in the early part of the event. What they didn't or could not promote was the turn out of Ladies that came out to the review or what they would be doing after the Male Review was over. I have heard from some of my male friends that like to go to these events, what it is like after the male stripper are gone. Well let me tell you. I always said bullshit to what all the guys said about these events and how the ladies acted after the strippers were gone. But after this past Saturday me and Alex Chante were talked into going to this event I will have to also say to all the guys out there. If your not going to the after the male review party of any of these events you don't know what you are missing. We where having to much funny to really take any pictures or video but I stilled managed to take a few and some I am just not posting. Well don't ask why because like always those pictures are for my close friends and I. The rest of you that didn't make it to the event will just have to either hear the stories or just wonder what you missed. And missed out you did. But don't take my word for it, just look at the pictures that I am posting and the rest you are going to have to imagined. Well see you on the flip side Charlie the SoCal Party Animal. Peace out.


September Party Scene

Red Onion Grand Opening

Well saturday's Grand Opening of the Red Onion at The Crazy Horse was just off the hook. Everybody that had heard of the good times that were had by many at the Red Onion when it was just the Red Onion came out to relive the good times and to create new memories at The Red Onion. It was a none stop party from the moment the doors opened until they had to kick us out because no one was ready to stop. Alex Acevez of Chante's Adventure Radio Show and Charlie The Party Scene animal will be back every Saturday that Robert Torres and Tony Santistevan have to planned to bring back The Red Onion. Alex Chante will be recording his Radio Show live and Charlie will be shooting pictures as always. So if you want to be part of the good times and missed this one don't forget to join us on the next Chante's Party Adventure with Charlie the Party Animal. See you on the flip side. Enjoy the pictures. Peace Out.

Reunion of the Past

Reunion of the Past was what it was billed as. But that was an understatement because it was not only everyone that used to go to Mr. C's, Tequila's, Club Shout, Blondie's, The Hop, Mr. J's, Noa Noa or Fantasy that showed up. There was a younger crowd that could not have been there even if they wanted to go to any of those clubs. Was it the fact that JD Hall was performing or what brought these younger crowd to Reunion of the Past. I don't know but what I do know is that everyone that showed up had a up close and personal performance from JD Hall and you know all the women present just love it. Judge for yourself from the pictures. The only thing missing that night was more space for all the party peeps that showed up. It was packed and over packed we needed more room for all the peeps that showed up thru the night. If you were a no show to this event you missed a great party but don't worry about it I heard that there were already plans for a bigger and better Reunion of the Past, so for right now just enjoy the pic's. See you on the flip side and peace out. Charlie the SoCal Party Scene Animal

August Party Scene

Little Willie G & Thee Midnigthers

Labor Day weekend was a three day holiday and we took advantage of that time to party, party and party. We were none stop from thursday night to Monday afternoon. On Sunday we took the time to go to the Little Willie G. & Thee Midnighters concert. The whole concert was great from Rocky Padilla performance to Little Willie G performance. The place was packed to packed if you ask me but I still enjoyed the concert with comp tickets that we got from the Majestic to the free food that came with the tickets it was all good. I would have love it more if Little Willie G had not gone in to a Ray Charles tribute but when you get a pair 30 dollar comp tickets you just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. So now it is your turn to enjoy the pictures

Return to Caddies

Well what happens in Vegas supposedly stays in Vegas. But what happens in the LA Party Scene. Specially if the LA PARTY RADIO crew is there ends up here at The SoCal Party Scene websites. With Chante and Charlie getting all access passes to Return to Caddies you know we were everywhere. And party we did, right along with all that showed up to relive the excitement of what was and still is Caddies. The light show was awesome, the music was to dance none stop and the people were right up to SoCal Party Scene standards. Burt, Cindy, Disco Rudy and the one and only Lady Dee did a great job promoting this event and making it once again a place to have all the fun and party down to your limits. If you have any. Me I have none that is why I am Charlie the Party Scene Party Animal. See you on the flip side and don't get it twisted unless it is a Chante style adventure which in that case the only things that get twisted are body parts. LMFAO Peace out!


Well there no story to this event Chante and Charlie went to Carnival on Saturday and enjoyed the event but I am not writting anything about this event or how it went. No time to write anything and personal reasons just took all my time this week and I have to take care of that frst. Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures.


Freestyle Summer Concert

Freestyle Summer Concert at the Quiet Canyon Saturday Aug. 9th.
Trinere, CMB, Shannon, Debbie Deb, Robin S., Crystal Waters and featuring Taylor Dayne. Well you know that Charlie the SoCal Party Scene Animal had to show up to party. With these artists performing and the LA Party Radio DJ's spinning the dance music mixes. We could not or would not miss this event. Specially since we were rolling with Alex Acevez of Chante's Adventure. Comp tickets and full access was ours. So SoCal's Party Scene Charlie the party Animal and Alex Chante had one party adventure on the 9th. We can not show you all the pictures cause some have to stay private but the pictures from the concert are yours to enjoy. So if you hear anything about our adventure remember. As Alex Chante quotes DON"T GET IT TWISTED. See you on the flip side Charlie the party Animal. Peace out.

July Party Scene

Whittier/Pico Party Scene Summer Reunion

Well Bar 58 was the place to be at this past Saturday July 26th if you are or were into the Whittier/Pico Party Scene of the 80's and 90's. Of course we are SoCal Party Scene so there was not way we were going to miss this event. Tello Trujillo, Ruben Nunez, Colleen Castro along with DJ Pinky did one hell of a good job putting this Summer Reunion together. And speaking of Together. Yup they were in the house. I am talking about Together Car Club was representing that night and have a good time celebrating a couple of birthday. Also representing were Peeps from the OC Party Crews, ELA Party Scene and of course the Peeps from the Pico/ Whittier Party Scene. Anyway here are just a few pictures that we took. Sorry we were having to much fun dancing and partying the night away to have taken more. See you on the flip side. Charlie the SoCal Party Scene Animal.

June Party Scene
Lariza & Rosa's B-Day  Celebration @ Sage
May Party Scene

Super Saturdays @ The Oasis

Well this past Saturday night was a party night if there was ever one. If you wanted to go out and party this May 31st was it. With the Back to Disco peeps having an event and the tribute to EL Gato night club all happening this Saturday night I was in a dilemma. If having a good time could ever put me in a spot, it was this May 31st. Well we all know I went to the tribute to El Gato first. I had to go, my good friend JD Hall sent us a personal invite. So I could not miss it. But after he performed there was only one place I was going to go. The Oasis Club in Montebello. And for those of you that don't know there are only two places that I party at in Montebello. One is the Oasis. The other is Gringo's Cantina. Yup, good music played by great Dj's and the owners and staff are just wonderful people. Well DJ Mando Lay and DJ Henry were having their Super Saturday Grand Opening and Mando also sent me a personal invite. So you know when it comes to Dj Mando Lay and Dj Henry they can spin the beats to keep you dancing none stop. Till you just can't dance no more. Well the grand opening was a huge success the house was packed and we all had a great time till they had to kick us out like always. Yes we never want to leave once we get partying at the Oasis. Well if you want to party in Montebello on Saturday Night consider the Oasis because I am telling you. That is the only place to be on saturday night in Montebello. All the other places are dead. Yup you know what I am talking about. That other place (Ant-----) was dead they even closed it real early and the only Canon that had any action going on this past Saturday night in Montebello was my two Canon cameras. Hahahaha LMFAO My Canon's got more play and were hot unlike another wanna be Canon cause that Canon is not a Canon it is a DUD! HAHAHAHAHAhahaha




JD Hall Live @ Tribute to EL Gato

El Gato ( The Valley Club ) was a very well known hot spot in the 80's. It was a must go to club for the party crowd in the the San Fernando Valley. I myself went there many a time. Yup, don't ask me how many times, because I can't tell you. Remember I was really having a good time partying back then, so somethings are not at all clear. But I do remember going to El Gato, because it was a hot spot with beautiful woman (very important to me at the time) and great 80's club music being spun by the Dj's there. Well this past Saturday night May 31. A one night tribute to the El Gato Night Club was held at Big Jim's. JD Hall and the Dj's spinning the music did a great job of keeping those in attendance moving to the beat of the music. JD Hall of course gave an excellent performance singing his and my favorite song of the 80's Number One Lover. Which did not in anyway take away from the rest of his performance. The party crowd also loved Wonder Woman as well as Call me up. Well we had a great time while we where there. Michael NEBULA, Carlos RADIUS, Okie VEGA, Fernando UNIQUE, Mina MIX, Eddie INTEGRITY all did a great job keeping me dancing.

Ernie Lopez Birthday Party @ Steven's Steak House

Ernie Lopez celebrates his Birthday at Steven's Steak House along with a few other people.

Club Radicals @ Ignacio's Sports Bar & Grill

Well there were two things that I was certain of on May 3rd. One was don't bet on the fight. I knew that no matter what happened, Floyd Mayweather would steal the fight even if he got manhandled by Maidana. Which Maidana did manhandle and school Floyd Mayweather for 6 to 7 rounds of the fight. Two words I have for that fight FIXED FIGHT enough said. The other certain was that Club Radicals was going to be of the hook! With Ignacio's Sport Bar & Grill being the location for the May 3rd Club Radicals I knew that it was going to be standing room only. By the time I got to Ignacio's there were no empty chairs anywhere in the place. Once the fight was over very few disappointed fight fans left but with half an hour of the fight finishing there was a line and a crowd waiting outside of Ignacio's there to join the on going Club Radicals Pre Cinco de Mayo Celebration. With DJ Destruction and DJ Jerry Undernite first to mix the dance music the places was jumping within minutes of the end of the fight. One other thing was certain this past Saturday Club Radicals is the place to be if you want to have a good time dancing and just hanging with good friends. A BIG special shout out to all the promoters and supporters of Club Radicals. Burt Flores, Mayo Weekend Boy Salazar, Abel Silva, Barbie Alegria, Sloe Poke, Jerry Undernite, Jorge MayanGod Pivaral, Eddie B Barrientos Orellana, Anthony Pretend, Martin Castaneda, Tony Cortez, Sal B. Banuelos, Elaine Castellon, DJ's Anthony Pretend. You guys out did yourself once again. Oh I almost forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elaine Castellon. The pictures are posted just follow the link as always. See you on the flip side Charlie the SoCal PartyScene animal.

April Party Scene

G & T Entertainment's Spring Concert

The long awaited Spring Concert featuring Malo, Chico and Thee Mad Latins produced by G&T Entertainment and sponsored by the Majestics CC Inc. was a huge success. It was standing room only with in 30 minutes of Steven Steak House opening it's doors to the crowd waiting outside to enjoy a night of dancing to the sounds of Thee Mad Latins, Chico and Malo. Car Clubs from all over the LA area were in attendance but Dino's Bomb Squad and Sons of Souls were deep in the house. I had to much fun to have taken notes so I don't have much to write about on this one. Well that is what happens when the music is go and I have a great time. Sorry if you wanted a long story about the event you should have been there to have enjoyed it first hand. But for those that were there here are pictures from that night. Enjoy and hope to see you at the next event.


Club Radicals @ Gringos Cantina 

Well Saturday the 5th of April was Club Radicals at Gringos Cantina and Club Radicals lived up to the name. From the light show to the music and the tribute band, it was just that Radical. I had a great time and my sweetheart Lariza also had a blast. Burt Flores and the rest of the promoters did what they know how to do best they packed the house all two rooms of Gringos Cantina was jumping with These Handsome Devils playing tribute to the Smiths and Morrissey the place was none stop parting the DJ's kept the both sides rocking with all 80's Disco, Freestyle and Hi Energy music all night long. Every body that was any body showed up from the Teddy Boys, Robert Torres, Jim Poorman Trenton, The Nu Minis, The Majestics to people I had not seen since the days of FlashBack TV with Ruben (Static) Rodriquez and Phat Ent. All I can say was it was fun and were ever you where I hope you had fun. But remember don't miss the next Club Radicals if you were not able to make it this time Michael. OH yeah I almost forgot Go Go Dancer Trixie did a great job as well as all the DJ's Anthony Pretend, Anthony Biscotti, Jerry Undernite, Mayo Weekend Boy Salazar, Sloe Poke, Destruction, Hi Fidelity, JerryXXX. Anyway see you all at the next Club Radicals or see you on the flip side.
Peace out Charlie the SoCal Party Scene party animal.

Videos are coming up shortly so check back soon.


February Party Scene

East Los All Stars @ Steven's Steak House

Well here it is day three of one great weekend. If you don't know who these bands were, Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano, then you won't care about his event. But if you even remember any of these names then Steven's Steak House is the place to be at every Sunday for brunch. These are just a few of the pictures I took last Sunday but forget the pictures you got to see it live cause there is nothing like feeling the music live nothing. Ray Carrion and The East Los All Stars put on one hell of a performance. The admission price is worth three fold because you get to eat a very good brunch served by Steven's Steak House then you get to hear great music played by some of the greats from bands that made music history. If you love music you will love to hear the greats from Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano. An event to enjoy on a Sunday Afternoon listening to greta music with old friends. See there next Sunday.

Zendejas Birthday Celebration 4 Rosa, Cathy, Adriana & Mona

Yep Yep YUP it was of the hook for the girls birthday celebration. No we are not saying what birthday they celebrated but it was a total blast. We packed the house over at Zendejas on the Saturday the 22nd were it ended up being standing room only. But then we didn't want to sit down anyway cause the music mixes were meant to make you dance all night long and dance we did anyway enjoy the pictures. Oh OH OH! Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA, CATHY, ADRIAN & MONA!!!!

Majestic's Host East Los All Stars feat. Rocky Padilla

Well here is just another of the Sunday brunch events that The Majestic's CC Inc. are hosting at Steven Steak House. It seem that Ray Carrion and the East Los All Stars are a favorite bands for these events at Steven's. But then again why won't they be a favorite to these events since the band member that now form East Los All Stars are just that. All Stars in thier onw right with musician coming from bands like Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano and many other great bands that have made music history. Why wouldn't they be favorites? Well this event along with many more event are plan to be hosted by the Majestic's CC Inc. at Steven's so if you like thiese kinda of music and want to enjoy great music by some very talented great musician just keep checking back in our events page so see what is coming.


Alex Chante's Birthday Extravanganza

Well party peeps. It was suppose to be a small birthday party celebration, friends of friends and close family members that was it. Well that was what I was told at first, when I was personally invited by Maria Rosado's best friend Lariza Carrillo my girlfriend. Then Alex Acevez of Tha Garage Radio Show AKA Alex Chante asked if I could stop by Gringos Cantina on Saturday Feb. 9th because it was also his birthday celebration. Next thing I know more people where added to the list of celebrants. So we ended up with a list that looked like this. Alex Chante, Maria Rosado, Raymond Viramontes, Richard Madrid, Victor Talavera, Jose Equus, Christian Jimenez, that is not a small list at all. Then to top it of they added THA GARAGE RADIO.COM's very own Jerry Undernite and DJ Mayo Savage Fingers and Artie Hollywood and C'est La Vie. And then I see an event page and a video produce by Alex. So I said to myself, this is not going to be small they are inviting the world with this kinda thing. Well the reality of it all was that they were right all along. It was a small affair with no more then 300 total people showing up thru the night. Some came and stayed all night long as most of the birthday celebrants did and some just came in for a few hours and then did whatever they had planned. Well the bottom line was that we all had a great time celebrating everyones birthday. Gringos Cantina was an excellent host to all the party peeps. But then again Gringos has been putting it down for the party scene for a very very long time. Next time you want to party or have any kind of celebration and you want to do it in Montebello, consider Gringos Cantina a very nice and professional staff to take care of your party needs. Well one more time just in case I did tell you in person cause I was having to much of a good time celebrating everyone birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Also just so you don't think that we forgot about you. Yes you Mando Villaseñor and Yvonne Parker HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!




January Party Scene

Gabe's B-Day @ Flashback Friday's

Well Flashback Fridays is always a sure bet when it comes to having a good time but this past Friday the 21st was even better then aspected. DJ Mando Lay and DJ Henry were true to what we expected in keeping the crowd dancing all night long. It was a none stop dance frenzy till the end of the night. Flashback Fridays was the place were some of our close friends decided to celebrate their birthdays. So Happy Birthday once again to all specially Gabe Valenzuela. Oh Yeah we packed it and had a great time , day one of three and it was a huge succes.

December Party Scene

X Mas Snowball at Club MYS-TIQUE 

We had a great time at X Mas Snowball at Club MYS-TIQUE Celebrating Mark Danger's, Lydia Lopez, Helena Duran, Lucy Sanchez and Laura Alvarez Birthdays DJ Buggsy and the rest of the DJ's did a great job keeping the party peeps dancing all night long. I had a great time with Lariza Carrillo, Lisa Garcia, Maria Rosado, Alex Chante and the rest of the peeps that showed up to party and celebrate. Well you already know just click on the title and follow the page numbers to enjoy the rest of the pictures from this event.

Toys for Tots PPR Style

Ok here are the pictures from the Toy for Tots Drive that Mando Santoyo and the PPR Crew held at this past Dec. 14. Sadly there were and are a series of events that have marred this huge success to make a less fortunate child Christmas just a little nicer. Mando Santoyo and the PURO PARI RADIO crew and supporters give yourself a big pat on your backs for trying to make a difference in a child's life this Christmas. If you want to know or keep up with what happen and the out come just keep checking back here I will be posting updates. OH YEAH ONE WORD BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!!

November Party Scene

1 Year Anniversary Circus Disco

No story here just good times with good friends at an old hang out that still makes it easy to have fun like it was yesterday.  Robert Torres, CIndy Bernal, Arthur P. Ochoa, Burt Floes, Lariza Carrillo, Diana Lady Dee, DiscoSalsa Rude Dawgs, Maggie Herrera, Lisa Garcia, Marty & Linda Frias and many many more friends made the party at Circus Disco really jump off for the after Thanksgiving eventThe pictures tell the story.  Oh and by the way once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO!!!!


Ladies Night Out

(Montebello, Ca.) November 23, 2013 LAST SATURDAY NIGHT--GIRLS NIGHT OUT by DiscoSalsa Rude Dawgs PPR Photography by Paparazzi SoCal-PartyScene Fred Tapia. Last Saturday Night, Puro Pari Radio, Robert Torres and Ana Pink--joined forces and, played host to a full capacity crowd of party goers. As Master of Ceremonies Host-- Albertland, along with a batalion of Puro Pari Radio Deejays-- ROCKED and swayed the Pari Peeps into a powerful frenzy of euphoria and excitement. Working in unison with the precision of a TACTICAL eclectic strike team, Dj Mando-lay, Dj Okie, Dj Joe Lewis, Dj Cruz and Dj 4-L pied pipered their way into the hearts and souls of the crowd. Much thanks for all the supportive deejays in attendance: Dj Boxy Dee, Dj Pauley The Wizard and Dj Cashmere. Special thanks: A debt of gratitude to Fred Tapia of “The SoCal PartyScene for the wonderful pictures and video, in making memories for years to come, you’re the best Fred—Thank you. On behalf of all the promoters, we would like to thank the management of Antiguas for allowing us to host this event. Much Thanks to Robert Torres, Ana Pink and Puro Pari Radio for your collaborative efforts in making this event possible and to all our loyal supporters, our party crew, ppr djs and everyone who contributed in making this event a success..


Jennifer's Birthday Bash @ Lost Weekend

Ok there is no real story here we just had one hell of a good time at Lost Weekend celebrating Jennifer's Birthday. First of all DJ Mando-Lay was spinning some great music mixes then if that wasn't enough it was $20 to get in but your glass was bottomless. Ok for those of you that didn't  get it $20 was the cover charge but it also got you all you wanted to drink that night. So you know we were down to party after all it was all you can drink. Anyway here are the pictures to the jam packed party. Enjoy! Ok see you PARI PEEPS on the flip side. Charlie the party animal from

DJ Bugssy 30 Year Anniversary & B-Day Bash

The Oasis bar was host to DJ Bugssy's 30 year Anniversary and Birthday Bash this 9th of November. It was also the grand opening of Club MYS_TYQUE. Here are all the pictures of everyone having fun at the event. It was jam packed and jumping but if you were there you know that you had a fun night dancing and socializen. If you were not there then see what you missed.

Halloween Disco Ball Party @ The Quite Cannon

Ok here it is Halloween Disco Ball at The Quite Cannon Conference & Events Center in Montebello. Sorry no story to tell except I had a BALL! Yes it was off the chain off the hook or whatever else you want to call it. Yep all my regular party peeps fro PURO PARI RADIO were in the house regular Nick & Laura Silva, Terry Franco, Denise Esparza, Jesse (Superman) Telax, DJ Kris Tropicana, DJ Jose Lewis just to name a few were all in the house and and we PARI the night away. If you were not there well we missed you. But we still had a blast like a friend of mine says to much fun. Enjoy the pictures and I want to give out a special shout out to Robert Torres, Cindy Bernal and the rest of the promoting staff for all the years that they have put in to promoting these kinda events that we all have enjoyed thru the year. Also shout out to Lariza & her son. See you PARI PEEPS on the flip side. Charlie the party animal from

October Party Scene 

Fright Fest Halloween Party @ Lost Weekend Night Club

Fright Fest 2013 was of the hook. DJ Mando-Lay, DJ Naughty and DJ Henry Rivera DJ's from the world famous PURO PARI RADIO SHOW hosted the event at Lost Weekend Night CLub in the City of Whittier. We all know that Halloween is a holiday perfect for having fun and letting lose party. Well it seem that this DJ's are stay true to their calling and party they did. The house was jumping with holiday rebellers would best describe the party crowd at this event. We all knew when we got there that we were going to dance and put our drink on. What I didn't expect was the level of fun I had at Fright Fest. The event was such a huge success that this will not be the first time DJ Mando-Lay and company will be taking over the Lost Weekend Night Club. So if you happen to be one of those PARI PEEPS that missed out on this great event don't missed the next one because we will have the house jumping all over again. A special shout out to our new photographer Richard Cashmere for doing such a great job with the media coverage. See you PARI PEEPS on the flip side. Charlie the party animal from

Lisa Garcia's B-Day Party @ Flash Back Fridays

The Oasis Night Club inside the Quality in has been host to a new event on Friday nights DJ Mando-Lay, Dj Henry, Dj Bugssy Promoter Robert Torres and a few other people have beenhosting Flash Back Fridays every Friday for the past month and they are have a very good turn out this Friday Flash Back Fridays was host to a few birthday celebrations including Lisa Garcia's Birthday celebration planed and hosted by her good friend Lariza Carrillo. Lariza planned a birthday surprise for Lisa and she was more then surprise to see all her friends at Flash Back Fridays there to wish her a happy birthday. I have a couple more shout outs to three more people that were at the event also celebrating thier birthday but I lost the paper I had thier names on so I will post the shout outs later. Mean while HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA GARCIA! and also to all the peeps that were celebrating thier birthday's last night.


PURO PARI RADIO Listener Party Part 2

Well it was billed as the party to follow the first listener appreciation party for PURO PARI RADIO's. Having had a very good turn out on the first event. I knew this party was going to be good also, what I didn't expect was that this event was going to be a much bigger success then the first PURO PARI RADIO's first Listener appreciation party. This will stay a listener party 2 but I see it as part-2 because of the over whelming success of and all the request already for part-3. For those that are not local to So Cal and can only see our websites. PURO PARI RADIO has taken the So Cal area by storm and they have 5 thousand plus listeners and by special request started having event/parties to show their appreciation for their listeners. Well not all their listeners can attendant this parties but the local came from as far as the IE. OC. and other neighboring counties to attendant these parties. And what you see in this few pages does not cover all the nights fun that was had by all including me that's why you only get to see these few pictures. Because I was also having fun the hold night long. What do you think I just take pictures and can not get in the mood not me I party. After all this is Charlie the SoCal-PartyScene animal. Enjoy the pic's and to those that were there I will see you at the next PPR listeners Party Part-3. 




Maggie's B-Day & Halloween Party

Haunted Mansion was the theme for Disco Maggie's pre Halloween Birthday Party this Sunday Oct. 13th. A beautiful mansion in the Pasadena area was the back drop to this exclusive Disco Party and the people in attendance were all Disco Party peeps. If you are looking at this web page you most likely know all the Disco Dancers or most of them. Well know Disco DJ John Torres did most of the music spinning along with another DJ that I did not get his name but they kept the music flowing smoothily. Enjoy the pic's and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISCO MAGGIE, ERIC HERNANDEZ, Erin Gallagher, Lane Stubblefield, Elisamarie Reyna and Marilyn Navas.

Albert's B-Day Surprise Party

Well we all know what PPR stands for. But what most of you that only listen once in a while to the internet radio station don't know. Is that the PPR crew and faithful listeners are a very close knit bunch of friends and loyal listeners. These people are so close they seem like family and last Friday October 4 they had a surprise party for the main man from the PPR crew.  Albertland celebrated his birthday with friends and family at  A Bar.  I feel honored to have been accepted by these bunch of party people as one of their own. The love and support for everyone be it PPR DJ, Crew or loyal listener is just over whelming sometimes. The pictures from this event will always have a place on this site cause this is true friendship to one of our own. Since SoCal-PartyScene is now making PURO PARI RADIO our preferred radio station that we listen to. Enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again Albertland ! Oh YEAH Happy Birthday to you Alberta !

Wednesday Night PPR Show & Albert Birthday Party

Wednesday night was PURO PARI RADIO and their mid week live broacst party. But last night was also host to a special celebration. Albertland turned ???? years young and the PURO PARI RADIO crew and friends came out to celebrate one of thier own. The PPR family is a crowd of party peeps that seem to have a love for fun music and specially for life. And when the main and most noticeable PPR member turned 21 we all partied till late last night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALBERT!!! from the SoCal Party crew ( Charlie the party Animal )

September Party Scene 

Crudo Sunday's & day 3 of Roberta's B-Day Celebration

Ok this is day two for Roberta and me celebrating her Birthday these pic's are from CURDO SUNDAYS Sept. 22th. This event is after we had left Steven's Steak House Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon. This is day two part two of celebrating Roberta's Birthday and it was off the hook! That Sunday me and Roberta Mendibles went to CRUDO SUNDAY and we party all day long until we could just not part any more. CRUDO SUNDAYS ROCK!!! We got faded danced and just rocked the day away. Donald 'TheDon' Morales can put a pool party on. This was the end to a weekend long celebration PURO PARI SoCal-PartyScene style

Roberta's B-Day @ Music of the 80's

Saturday Sept. 21st at Rudy's Bar & Grill was host to Music of the 80's with DJ's Okie Vega, Leo Galaxy and a host of other very well known Dj's was to have been the place to party at with your favorite party peeps. Well it was the place were my dear friend Roberta Mendibles decide to celebrate her birthday. So that is what we did to celebrate her birthday after all you want to make a birthday wish come true if you are a good friend. Well I had a fantastic time dancing the night away with new and old friend like Letty Rito and her friends and I of course had to dance a few with the birthday girl Roberta and her friends Lady Dee. But I will like always let my pic's tell the story after all that is why we take them. For those that were there here you go, for those who missed it here you go also next time don't missed out on the fun we all had. Enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERTA BIG XOXO!!!

New Location 4 PURO PARI RADIO

Ok PARI PEEPS it is official, PURO PARI RADIO has moved to as thier Wednesday ngiht live broadcast location Last night Sept.18th was the first Wednesday of many to come that the crew and listeners of  PURO PARI RADIO took over A Restaursant and partied the night away. I was also in attendence celebrating a new partnership and join venture that we have just put together with SILVERADO Set & Design an Hollywood set design company. I was doing more celebrating then most of the PURO PARI RADIO Crew and listeners last night but no one took notice since there were a couple of birthaday celebration also going on last nigh. And let me tell you most of the listeners that were in attendance last night were party animals just like me so everyone was to busy having fun dancing and just having a good time that no one even was asking why we were parting in the middle of the week. Well to start with it was HUMP day so why not have some fun period. The DJ"s were spinning great sets and the people were friendly, so why not. By the way I finally met all teh listener that I had already met on line but this time we met face to face and the are just awesome. Anyway like always enough chatter here I will fill all of my SoCal-PartyScene peeps on all the details from last nigh but that will be another day for right now you know the drill just click on the link or the thumbnail to the left.


Dancing with the Stars Hustle Salsa Dance Party

LA Dance Center on 4th street in E.L.A. was the host to what Disco Maggie billed as Dancing with the Stars Hustle Salsa Dance Party.

The weekend was a very somber weekend since the past Labor Day weekend many of our friends had lost love ones. It was no surprise that even though many friends and family member came out to enjoy the party at the LA Dance Center it was not the turn out we had expected and with a every good reason. But all in all the party and the people in attendence did enjoy a good dance with a Birthday celebration for Rosie Marie Peek and some special dance  performances by the likes of Alejandro Rey and other expert dancers. Enjoy the pictures and if you were one of the many people we photograph and you want to see your full set of pictures just contact me and I will be more then glad to send the full set to you. Enjoy.

BBQ & Concert @ Steven's Steak House Labor Dsy Weekend

Jerome  & Ass. hit another home run again putting on a BBQ and concert at Steven's Steak House Sept.1 Labor day weekend. With Suave and the Mad Latin's playing to a packed house the party started early on Sunday Sept. 1. We got there just an hour after the doors open but if we had not had our table reserved we would have to figure out what to do about string arrangements. It was a none stop party until we had to leave to attendant the Back to DQ's event that Burt Flores had invited us to. But it was hard to walk away from the none stop food and the great music both played by the bands and the DJ. DJ Tony Shout which is a staple at Steven's Steak House when Jerome & Ass. put and event together did a great job spinning those Old jams that took us back to year gone by. A special thanks to Jerome & Ass. Jimmy and the Steven's Steak House staff which always treats us like family.

Back to DQ's

Back to DQ's Labor Day Weekend Sunday Sept.1

August Party Scene

Disco Summer Nights

Rick Ortiz put together another event at Bar & Grill Hosted by Lady Dee on Saturday August 10th the event only used one room but they had a good turn out. Good friends and great music are always a sure combination when Lady Dee has anything to do with an event. Henry HRF, Ralph Incinas, along with Tony Shout played everything from Disco music all the way to one of my favorites dance tunes Blurred Lines y Robin Thic. I enjoyed the night with old friends and good music. Well here are the pictures. Enjoy

July Party Scene

Zacarias Ferreira in Concert

Zacarias Ferreira was live for the first time ever in LA on July 18th at The Quiet Canyon in Montebello. The place was jumping within the first 30 minutes after they openned the doors. Well again here are the pictures from that night.

June Party Scene

Friday Night Live at The Torino Lounge

Jerome and his associates have always put on some pretty good events and the venues that they use are more then adequate. This month they are adding another place to their line up of clubs. The Torino Lounge is a small but very nice club in the city of Paramount. This past Friday night was thier second night to have be open for dancing. DJ Tony Shout was spinning the tunes and he got the crowd dancing all night long. If you live any where near the City of Paramount and are looking to have a good time on Friday hinght with having to drive far check out The Torino Lounge on Garfield Blvd. corner at Rosecrans Blvd

May Party Scene

Back to Disco's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

The pictures are posted now, just follow the link. I am going to Crude Sunday now so I will write about the Back to Disco 10 Year Celebration later today after I come back from Crude Sunday. If you are like me and still have enough energy to keep the party going join us today for Crudo Sunday. If you don't know where it is at. Here is the flyer.  Well I am back from Crudo Sunday but now I am to tried to want to write anything and if you didn't make it to Back to Disco's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. Well all I have to say is don't miss the next event because it was off the hook. And with I will see you peeps at the Studio 54 event at Circus

Back 2 at The Lexington May 10th

Well this Friday night May 10th was the first time that the Lexington Bar had it's first Back2 80's & 90's event. The Lexington Bar in downtown LA opened it's doors just a few months back in February of this year. So DJ Rene C. & DJ Kraig had their first Back Door Disco event this past Friday. This is going to be more of a review of the Bar than my usual event coverage. Since it was their first Back2 and it is a fairly new place it was no surprise that there was a light crowd. But the peeps that were there were having a good time when I showed up. The music was good and both DJ's were doing smooth mixes. The crowd was mid 20's to maybe early 30's and very much alive and having a good time. No zombies at the Lexington, everyone seem to like dancing. So the Lexington may be on to a good start. This place is small compared to some other Bars but I love the way they did the decor, vey artsy not to much light but enough were you can clearly see the whole place from one side to the other without any difficulty. Well check out the pictures that I took and you well see what I am talking about. If you want to check out the place on their Back Door Disco or BACK2 like they called it this pass Friday the address is 129 3rd St. in downtown LA between Main and Los Angeles St.

Back to Disco Cinco de Mayo Event

Well I had a great time at Back to Disco's Cinco de Mayo Party at A Bar and Grill. Yeah I know why wouldn't I? Back to Disco always puts on parties that I have a great time at. Yeap they do. I am to worn out from dancing so I am not going to write much, you already know the mixes that the Dj's put together were superb. I don't know who was spinning or when they mixed thier set but it didn't really matter they kept me dancing all night long. I do know that Adrian Prism was in the house along with John Torre, Rich Shezoray, Henry HRFand the incomparable George Flashbacksg so thanks once again to all the Dj's that kept me dancing all night long. See you at Back to Disco 10 year Anniverasy at CIRCUS DISCO. Peace out.

April Party Scene

Snoop Dogg's 420 Party

Well it was to have been the party to be at on April 20th. It was Snoop Dogg's 420 party and all the Hip Hop music peeps that were in the LA area were suppose to have stop by at one time or another. I was there with a couple of friends that were shooting footage for their documentary Rise n Shine. I was looking forward to getting my buzz on. It had been many many years since I had anything to smoke and I was going to enjoy some second hand smoke. I got there by 12 noon since all the media had to check in by 1:30 PM. We took the shuttle up to the mansion were Snoop's 420 party was to take place. A beautiful multi million dollar mansion, if I may call it that. I took a tour of the place and I thought to myself, this place was built for days like this. It looks more like a night club than a house. Whoever had that mansion built had planned to have many parties there. And party we did it was very early in the day but as soon as I got there I hear someone say, hey it is 420 and this is Snoop's 420 party lets fire up and blaze one up to start. The party had just started about an hour earlier, but everyone in attendance was already having a good time. The cooks were serving up some food, the drinks were flowing and of course the smoke was everywhere. Everyone was having a good time. Until the powers that be up there in the Hollywood Hills as always haters that they, had their LAPD puppets shut the party down. But for what it is worth here are a few pictures that we took and that I can publish. I have a lot more but if you want to see those you will have to wait until Rise n Shine the documentary comes out. And talking about the documentary here is a link to their website if you want to check it out.

Rise n Shine. Also a big shout out to Brittney Blaze and Amanda Blow of The Blaze & Blow Show. It was good to see you again, it has been more than a year since I seen you last. Lets keep more in touch.



Back to Gino's III April 20th

Well this past Saturday was quite a day for me. It started out with high hopes and expectations for a none stop party day. Being that I had gotten an invite to attend Snoop Dogg's 420 Party. I was looking forward to start the party early on Saturday afternoon. But like always haters ruined it for myself and everyone that was in attendance at Snoop's 420 Party. I will go more into detail later on and give you all the 411 on what happened and why it happened. Of course I still ended having a great time thanks to George Flashback, John Torres and the rest of the Back to Gino's III crowd. I was looking forward to having a good time last Saturday. I was expecting an all day and all night party on Saturday, it didn't start like I expected it to start but it ended like I knew it would. Back to Gino's III good friends and friendly strangers that don't last as strangers for to long, That's the kind of crowd that attend the Back to Gino's III. Thats my kinda of people, no haters in the crowd.
If you were there, here you go lets see if I got your picture. If you were not there here is what you missed out on.
But wherever you were at, I hope you had a great 420 Day. Live and let live, is still my motto. Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness

Time Warp Video                   Hal and friends Video

Rosa Hildebrandt Birthday Party

Rosa Hildebrandt Birthday party at the Venice Room in Monterey Park, Friday April 5th

March Party Scene

Lady Dee's (Diana) Birthday Party

Saturday March 23rd at the Paloma Room in Montebello was the place to be if you were a friend of Lady Dee. Diana for those of you that don't know her to well. It seems that her friends call her Lady Dee with love and affection. And that she got plenty of this past Saturday Night at the Paloma Room. It was somewhere around 150 to possibly 200 friends that showed up to help Diana celebrate her Birthday. Don't ask how old she turned. A man never asks and a women should never tell. But celebrate we did, it had been quite a few years since I had gone to the Montebello Inn. Yes to those of you that don't know, that is what we knew the Paloma Room when I first went there many years agao. Again don't ask cause I wont tell. Well I went to take pictures for Diana's Birthday Celebration and had a real good time meeting all her friends and enjoying the music. Anyway here are the pictures from Diana's (Lady Dee) Birthday Celebration at the Paloma Room.

Back to Disco Saint Patricks Party @ Luminarias

Well party people, if you were there you already know that we had a blast. For those of you that did not make it for whatever reason. You missed a good party. NO No you missed a great party. It was totally off the hook. I had a great time, partied all night long with old and new friends. If you were there, here you go. If you were not there, check out what you missed. Dj George FlashBack, Dj Henry HRF, Dj Prism, Dj Pegasus and the rest of the Dj's that kept me moving all night long, THANKS! I had not dance that much in a long long time. I danced so much I don't even know when I had the time to take these pictures. And on that note, I can not wait for the 10th Year Anniversary Party at Circus Disco. Back to Disco take me home. Special thanks to the promoters of Back to Disco for keeping the party going. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 10th year Anniversary party at Circus.
One a last note. There were a few people that were asking how they could get a full size printable picture from that night. Well all you have to do is friend me on Facebook and make your request. I will be more than happy to send you a printable version of your picture. Yes the ones her are very low res so they do not print well at all. They are downloadable for your iPhone/phone or your computer/laptop but look like crap if you print them. So feel free to download any of the pictures here for your own personal use. But if you want a full size printable version. Just get in touch with me
So here are the photographs from Saturday night.


Febuary's Party Scene


LA's Hustle and Salsa Dance Connection

Saturday February 23, Disco Maggie and friends put on a show and dance  performance that was expectacular. I got there late so I don't have pictures from the performance but I believe that some other people were covering the event, so check with Maggie to see if  there is another link to the other pictures. The LA Hustle and Salsa Dance Connection along with other celebrants had a party and I have never seen so many professional dancers in one place just to party the night away. Paul Herrera and a couple of other people celebrated thier Birthdays. And all I have to say is WOW! If you where not there you missed a great party, good music and good times. I am already looking forward to the next LA Hustle and Salsa Dance Connection party.    


Back to Disco Valentines Disco Ball

As always the promoters of Back to Disco put on a great event this pass Saturday Night Feb. 9th with their Valentine’s Event. A couple of days shy of Valentine’s day but the mood was nothing but (love is in the air). I Shot mostly video for this event, so keep checking back for the You Tube link. Which will be posted shortly. As for the pictures of this Valentine’s Event, well I choose to just take a few pictures. Why did I do this? Well first I was not going to take my camera at all. I was just planning on going to the Valentine’s party and enjoying the event. But when my date was unable to go with me. I decide to take my camera after all. Not knowing that I would capture the true meaning of Valentine’s Day at the event. I reserved my photographic talents to just a few pictures. First set of pictures, are of Diana and friends. Then it is Ruth and friend celebrating her Birthday. And the last set are, of Arthur and his new Lady friend. Together they were the perfect couple to represent the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. If it could have been possible we would have put the two LOVE Birds in a cage. Anyway check out these Love Birds. Almost makes you want to fall in love again. Best wishes to my friend Arthur and his Lady friend. Sorry I don’t remember her name.  Oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDY RUTH!!!

Oh I almost forgot George Flashback, Henry HRF, Rick and the rest of the DJ’s played a great set all night long. Sorry I was distracted by the Love Birds. Here is a link to a video of Loving Man and Judy Dancing the night away.


Disco Ball Video               Loving Man Video 

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